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Official PCGF Chain of Command:


Website owner. Oversees all Upper Management to ensure daily operations are running smoothly. Attends final interviews and approves applicants for hire.
Receives daily reports from the Administrator.

Upper Management:

Director of Operations
Reports directly to the Founder. In Charge of all day to day operations and ALL PCGF staff (with the exception of the Founder). Ensures all staff are carrying out their roles correctly and to the standards expected of them. Provides a daily report to the Founder. Screens and checks the background of all applicants that will have access to the back end of servers, settings and passwords and protected material of the PCGF.

Human Resources/HR:

Reports directly to the Administrator and Founder.Involved in all aspects of the recruitment process (creating and posting advertisements,responding to queries,screening applicants, initial interviews and attending final interviews). Works alongside upper management to determine staff requirements, manage administrative files, mediates staff disputes. Involved in terminating staff when required.

Division Director:

Reports directly to the Administrator and Founder. In charge of all Head Coordinator Administrators,Gaming Coordinators and Moderators. Duties include; ensuring all staff are carrying out their roles correctly and to the standards...